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Acer Iconia A3-A40-N8HE, 10.1″ tablet with Android

This Acer Iconia A3-A40-N8HE model NT.LD2EG.001 comes with a big 10 inch screen (aprox 26cm), Android 6, quad core CPU and 2 GB of RAM. It’s a very good alternative to a Windows device because of the big screen and there are many alternatives to Windows programs. Also, in the Google Play Store we will fin many games and apps.
The Iconia A3-A40 is a device for those interested in a family device that can be used for Internet browsing and games. You watch movies on it but the screen size is not optimal for your eyes. So, for movies buy a 81cm TV.

This model has a small price Check Price and Availability Here → considering the good portability and the good components. The battery life is about 8 hours, but it can last up to 3-4 days if you use it 2 hours per day.

Acer Iconia A3-A40-N8HE, 10.1″ tablet with AndroidSee more pictures and tech specs here →

The screen has an IPS panel and FHD resolution so that images have good quality. I have only good things to say about the screen.

Pros & cons

A3-A40-N8HE has many good things but the most important ones are the portability, the new OS (Android 6), the big memory (64 GB of space) and the fast MediaTek MT8163 processor.
Another good thing is that it has good cameras (one 5 megapixel for photos and filming and the other that can be used as a webcam with 2 megapixel).
I think that there are some minuses, including that te screen is not 2K, that the processor is not octa core and that is des not have more memory.


Acer makes very good laptops (simple or 2 in 1) and you can see that the tablets from them are also good. This model is for those who want a robust device for reading online newspapers, games and for taking pictures. Because of the big memory you can store as many pictures as you want and for more storage you can use a microSD card up to 128GB.
I posted a preview of this device below. You can see how it looks like and what the main features are.

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