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ASUS Strix GL702VM-GC003T, model with GeForce Pascal

ASUS Strix GL702VM-GC003T is a gaming laptop available in multiple configurations depending on what graphics card, processor or storage you want. This model is special for gaming but you can use it for demanding tasks too.
As you might guess the portability is not the best but it’s one of the best desktop replacements available on the market.
About the RoG Strig series you must know that it is a new one designed with portability, reliability and performance in mind. If you’re in search for a stable PC than this Asus would be good. I own two Asus laptops and must say that I’m satisfied with them.

This model has a not to big price Check Price and Availability Here → and for the money we get a model with the newest graphics card (class 1) and with quad core CPU.

ASUS Strix GL702VM-GC003T, model with GeForce PascalSee more pictures and tech specs here →


The i5-6300HQ model has 8GB of RAM (DDR4), SSD and the GTX1060 graphics card. As you can see the card does not have the M suffix but still it’s a card for laptops with a slight lower frequency.
On the soft side it comes with Windows 10 64 bit pre-installed and I recommend that you stay with it. If you plan to install Windows 7 than you must know that games will not work as desired.
The battery lasts about 8 hours… depending what you do on it. Please remember that this is not an ultrabook.

Strong points

The things that I like about this GL702VM-GC003T model are the good components, how it looks like (the design and the illuminated keyboard) and the stability. Portability is decent considering that the weight is about 2,7kg (man, gaming machines have evolved). Some years back a notebook for gaming had about 4-5kg so yu can see the difference.

Final thoughts

If intend to buy a special looking laptop or a desktop replacement for games that this model would be great. It will remain in the top for 2-3 years and games will work fluent. Also, you must know that the Strix series is a cheaper alternative tot the RoG (with GTX 1070) one, but not as best.
From the below clip you can see why this PC is a very good gaming machine.

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